What is iPoC?

Intelligent Point-of-Care (iPoC) is a support service that allows remote monitoring of old people and chronic patients with diseases as: diabetes, EPOC, hypertension, etc. To manage illnesses efficiently both in third age residences and in home environment, iPoC includes the medical devices needed: blood pressure monitor, weight scale, thermometer, glucose meter, pulse oximeter, peak-flow, holtin (ECG), medication minder, etc.

In addition, iPoC makes use of wireless standards to be able to incorporate medical devices from other manufacturers easily. Moreover, it is possible to do personalized set-ups depending on the user, allowing to optimize user's experience. Furthermore,  iPoC has a supervision and control system totally configurable and hidden to the patient.


Plug & Play, accessible

iPoC's user interface can be personalized for each user. Hence, the number of devices employed is adjusted to patient's needs. Due to its interoperability, iPoc may install new devices automatically with a few clicks.

Everywhere, wires off, in Real Time

iPoC employs wireless communication technologies in all devices. This allows real-time patien's data transmission to the cloud. Moreover, every device implements security and reliability standards to ensure 100% availability.

Comprehensive eHealth service

iPoC service is supported by an experienced tecnical staff that can resolve any unexpected event. Moreover, this service has its own clinical support that can advice patient's health status at any moment.

Customize your iPoC

Full eHealth service customization with our complete pool of medical devices.


Tipical application scenarios

Third Age Residences

In this environment the professional caregivers of seniors can collect measurements that are automatically incorporated in the management system, reducing the time spent on this process.

Home care

Home care staff, with the help of iPoC, analyzes the state of a patient at home. The reduced size and weight of iPoC together with its ubiquitous connectivity facilitates the deployment of this service.

Personal Health

The patient has its own iPoC with which he autonomously takes the measurements. Medical specialists remotely track the patient, informing him about his evolution.

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