What is HOLTIN?

HOLTIN (HOLTer INteligente) HOLTIN (Holter smart) is a service of ambulatory ECG monitoring for the control of cardiovascular status and diagnosis of heart disease.

HOLTIN is the eHealth solution for people who suffer episodes of arrhythmia, or just want to know their cardiovascular health under the supervision of specialized health professionals.

HOLTIN incorporates an intelligent device that allows a full customizable  operation to suit the needs of both the user and the professional. The service also includes a highly intuitive mobile application to monitor and configure the device.

All HOLTIN service's communications are based on wireless standards, that provides to the user a complete mobility, allowing immediate access to monitoring data.



Plug & Play

The ergonomic design of the monitoring device ensures perfect positioning on the user. Also it does not require any intervention to start work: plug and play. An independent, reliable and transparent service to monitor the user in a comfortably and safely way.


HOLTIN offers automatic detection of different arrhythmic events: tachycardia, bradycardia, asystole, and atrial fibrillation. In situations of syncope or dizziness,  also the user's heart activity is recorded, it is sufficient a pulsation in the mobile application to store all the information.

Ease of Use

The service incorporates the technology required to manage any incident of operation. Only those situations that require user intervention are notified via announcements in the mobile application. HOLTIN also has many parameters that can be adjusted quickly and easily. This allows you to customize the monitoring service settings to any need.

Access to Information

HOLTIN allows long-term monitoring and quick access to information to ensure that the user and / or health care professional has immediately available the data of detected episodes.

Integral service

HOLTIN makes available to the customer qualified technical personnel to resolve any issue during the service, in addition to doctors and cardiologists to monitor their state of health.


Trust the HOLTIN service

Latest technology at the service of society with a fundamental objective: to control the health of users and serve as a diagnostic aid the clinician. HOLTIN has been clinically evaluated for health professionals.

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